RMT celebrates The Hindustani doyen, violinist and composer Sri Narayana Panditji’s 91st birthday.

Date: 20th June 2020.
Place: Lathangi ,Hayagreeva Nagar 1st Rd, Udupi- 576102
Time: 4.30.pm – 5.30pm

Due to Covid19 restrictions, only RMT committee members only are invited, if only they are fit, health wise.

1. Guru Vandana to Sri Ravikiran, Manipal by Shrimathi Devi
2. Shrimathi Devi speaks
3. Ravikiran replies
4. Launching of youtube videos of Panditji’s 10 bandishes sung by Shrimati Devi. And 40 others, from that 20th onwards daily, one song every day.
5. Presidential remarks by Aravinda Hebbar
6.Vote of thanks by Vasanthalaxmi Hebbar

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