Keerthanas of Karnataka


Book Name: Keerthanas of Karnataka

Selection Songs set to Ragas & Editing : Prof V Aravinda Hebbar

Musical Notations: Kum Archana & Kum. Samanvi

English Translation: Dr. B. Surendra Rao

Published: 2018

Published by: CyberWit.Net

Price : Rs. 300.00 / USD $20.00

ISBN : 978-93-88125-47-5



Keerthanas of Karnataka : A compilation of 51 songs by Dasas and some selected Kannada poets framed to Keerthana, in Sanskrit, Kannada & English Diacritical format along with notations and English translations. The songs are set to classical tunes by Prof. V Aravinda Hebbar. The notations are also provided in English for every Keerthanas. Their English translations are attempted in poetic format by Dr. B Surendra Rao.


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